Transformative Beauty: Fractional Laser Before and After

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Fractional laser works to regenerate skin cells in various areas of the body, giving them vitality, activity and all the elements they need to return to exercising their functions again, which gives the patient a new look and a unique experience, as a result of the above, we present in this guide the details of fractional co2 laser, in terms of definition, types, devices, benefits, harms, in addition to the best


Fractional laser

Fractional laser is one of the modern medical technologies that rely on laser technology mainly, as a result of the developments and updates that have occurred in the medical community in the modern era, which has made it one of the effective tools in many surgical operations and various medical interventions

Fractional laser co2.

Laser Treatment For Scar


Fractional laser co2, as it is called by some, is a tool that delivers laser beams to the deep layers of the skin, with the aim of affecting skin cells, renewing their activity in relation to the production of collagen, which is known for its ability to get rid of dead cells and damaged skin tissues, and provide solutions to many skin problems.

Fractional laser is used to treat problems of the face, hands and neck, and get rid of brown color or pigments that occur on the skin, as a result of time, infection with some skin diseases or prolonged sun exposure, and is an ideal option for patients for whom creams and medical treatments have not achieved any result.

Fractional co2 laser is also considered the best treatment for acne problems and scars resulting from a burn or wound in the face area, and makes it completely free of defects, and gives its owner a fresh and smooth skin.

Fractional laser for the face

Fractional laser technology treats a lot of skin problems that are clearly visible on the face, which are considered one of the striking areas, which may cause the patient to suffer from many psychological problems, perhaps the most prominent of these problems:

Young love.

White or black heads.

Bumps and scars.

Wrinkles and signs of aging.

Outline the outline.

Skin discoloration caused by the genetic factor or various skin diseases.

Types of fractional lasers

Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing | Laser Skin Solutions Bournemouth

There are two main types of fractional lasers, the first is the diode, and it is called fractional non-ablative, which is used in cases of stretching, cracking and simple lines on the body, and therefore it is suitable for Middle Ages. The second type is the carbon dioxide laser “fractional laser co2”, which is suitable for the most deep lines of the owners of advanced age.

fractional laser device

Fractional laser device differs as a result of the production of many companies for this device, and despite the minor differences between these devices, in the end they help to get the result desired by everyone who suffers from various skin problems, and the most prominent fractional laser devices that are commonly used are the following:

2-fractional co2 laser device from Candella company

This device relies on carbon dioxide gas to produce a laser, to penetrate the parts and layers of the skin to be treated, and then moves to the deeper layers of the skin, especially the rigid water molecules inside the skin cells, in order to move these molecules, which helps stimulate collagen production, and reproduce healthy tissues and cells.

2-fractional CO2 laser device from CYF company

This type of fractional laser device performs the same functions as the previous one, but the most important thing about it is the ability to produce more collagen with skin cells, and not only that, but also works to tighten the skin, as a result, facial wrinkles decrease, and the rate of their appearance decreases significantly.

3-fractional co2 laser device from Fouri company

This device was able to achieve a lot of amazing results in the treatment of bumps and obvious defects not only on the face, but in other parts of the body, and this gives the skin more vitality and freshness.

For whom is the fractional laser suitable?

This procedure is suitable for everyone who suffers from the previous problems that we have already mentioned, but despite this, there is a certain category that is difficult to undergo this procedure, and they are as follows:

Who suffer from certain immune diseases, or in other words, people with weakened immunity.

Those who have undergone radiation therapy on the face area specifically in the past.

Owners of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Who suffer from bacterial infections or viruses harmful to the face, as well as extensive facial cracks.

Pregnant and lactating women.

Fractional laser benefits

Laser Skin Resurfacing in the Bay Area | Essential Aesthetics

The skin in general consists of a set of layers, which includes many cells that work to produce collagen, to help the skin layers to perform their well-known functions, and to give the skin the greatest softness and freshness.

But as a result of many of the factors already mentioned, wrinkles and the effects of old age begin to appear, as well as some problems specific to different age stages, such as acne, dark circles and others, which give the patient an unacceptable appearance, and make him isolate various activities and gatherings; for fear of bullying or looking bad.

Here are the benefits of fractional laser, which can be divided according to the most disadvantages and problems experienced by many, as follows:

Fractional laser for scars

Fractional laser treats scars in an effective and safe way, and for those who do not know scars, they are a set of thin lines or holes drilled on the skin, which resemble wrinkles, and usually appear as a natural result of wound healing or acne treatment.

Fractional laser for scars ensures access to the deep layers of the skin, in order to reach the exact thermal areas, responsible for the appearance of such a problem, and as soon as the laser technology reaches this area, the process of expelling old and damaged skin cells begins, due to the start of the process of activating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which work to purify the skin layers, and then get rid of scars and outlines little by little.

Fractional laser for dark circles


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Just as fractional co2 laser for Scars was useful, it is also a panacea for getting rid of dark circles, which girls often suffer from, due to anxiety or stress caused by various life stresses, as well as staying up late or allergies, eye strain and prolonged exposure to the sun.

Dark circles always appear in the area below the eyes, they are considered one of the very sensitive areas, due to which stagnation of blood in the blood vessels due to lack of oxygen causes the pigment of the upper layer of the skin to turn dark black, which gives its owner an unhealthy appearance.

Fractional co2 laser breaks down the first skin layer under the eyelid, which suffers from the accumulation of melanin, as a result, the process of growth of new cells begins in that area, due to the activation of collagen production.

Fractional laser under the eyes helps to produce collagen and elastin in the second layer of the skin, which, in turn, nourishes the first layer, activating blood circulation in it. The treatment of dark circles needs one fractional laser session, lasting up to an hour, and the results begin to appear gradually after 3 days of the session, and the results may need some time, especially for difficult cases that have been suffering from dark circles for long periods.

Fractional laser for pores

Pores are a layer that allows the skin to breathe, helps to secrete large amounts of fat, which explains the existence of a type of skin called oily skin.

The pores of the face are often open, and therefore the skin is susceptible to infection with harmful bacteria and dirt, so some suffer from black or whiteheads, which gives the face an inappropriate appearance.

Here, the fractional laser effect of pores appears, as it targets the treatment of this area of the face, where it works to tighten the face and alleviate the contraction of skin cells, as a result of its reactivation and distribution of collagen, which contributes to the narrowing of open pores.

The fractional laser session for pores begins by determining the area to be treated, through some images taken by the Attending Physician, to then begin applying a local anesthetic, and then a gel that helps to distribute the laser rays evenly. Fractional laser treatment of pores is performed within 30 minutes, after which the doctor uses a cooling device to relieve the pain felt by the patient during the treatment session.

Fractional laser for acne scars


Laser Resurfacing for Better Skin: 9 Things You Must Know


Fractional laser is commonly used for pills, especially since it is one of the common skin problems, which appear due to stress, anxiety or disruption of the body’s hormones a lot of times. The suffering of many with acne is represented by the ugly shape on which the face appears, as well as the long duration of treatment, and the difficulty of getting rid of it quickly.

But fractional laser co2 had a magic effect in the treatment of acne, and according to the testimony of many who have suffered from this problem for long periods, the laser technology penetrates the skin layers, reactivates collagen, which produces new cells, helps the skin layers to perform their functions, get rid of damaged layers, and restore freshness and softness to the skin again.

Fractional laser for stretch marks

Stretch marks, or as many call them white stripes or stretch mark, is a collection of hollow threads, which appear in many areas of the body, such as feet, abdomen, chest, buttocks and other other areas, and their appearance is common mainly for pregnant women.

The treatment of stretch marks requires a lot of time, as well as the use of many creams and various medical treatments, but one of the most important advantages of fractional laser co2 for cracks and stretch marks is the ease of doing this procedure, in addition to treating the problem faster than any other medical solution.

Fractional laser contributes to penetrating the layers of the skin causing the appearance of hollow lines on the body, and begins by calming the agitated blood vessels, which are the most prominent causes of the appearance of stretch marks, and then secreting a lot of substances, including collagen to activate blood vessels, and get rid of white marks on the body.

Fractional laser for lips

A lot of ladies are obsessed with discoloration of the lips, getting rid of the dark color acquired as a result of the genetic factor or as a natural consequence of hormonal disruption after pregnancy, as a result, the popularity has recently increased on the use of fractional laser in the treatment of what is known as lip plumping.

Fractional laser for lips contributes to getting rid of dead skin and cracks on the lips, as well as wrinkles on the surface of the skin, and lightening the pigment of the dark color, through a simple session that does not exceed the barrier of 40 minutes, in which the Attending Physician highlights the laser on the areas to be treated, and within a week or two, the results of the fractional laser session begin to appear gradually.

Fractional laser for bikini

The bikini area is one of the most vulnerable areas to change the skin type, so fractional laser is commonly used for the sensitive area, in order to get rid of the color pigment acquired by the skin in this area, as a result of wearing some tight or poor-quality clothing.

The steps of fractional laser for bikini are no different from other uses, after conducting the necessary medical examinations, the attending physician begins using the same strategy in the treatment of discoloration in this area.

Fractional laser for knees

Fractional laser for knees

This area is one of the most vulnerable areas to skin pigmentation, cracks and prominent stretch marks, as a result of many factors, such as undergoing surgery or constant exposure to sunlight, and therefore, the growing trend towards the use of fractional laser for knees, shedding a fair amount of laser to a certain degree in this area, by offering stimulation of elastin and collagen, and giving an outlet for the production of new cells in that area, in order to treat knee problems.

Fractional laser session

The patient undergoes more than one fractional laser session, of course, it is difficult to determine, due to the different problems experienced by each patient, the extent of the state of Health and the age to which he has reached, but in general the average CO2 fractional laser session for a patient can reach 5 sessions.

The price of fractional laser Egypt session varies between different medical centers, despite the similarity of the steps of the procedure between each doctor and another, as the steps of fractional laser sessions for the face are as follows:

Photograph the areas to be treated by photography; to confirm the correctness of the place that is about to be exposed to the laser on the one hand, and on the other hand to make a comparison between the results before and after the procedure.

Thoroughly clean the skin from cosmetics, take off ornaments or jewelry that can cause a negative effect with laser pulses.

Anesthetize the area to be treated, and after a while, the attending physician begins to wipe the anesthetic layer on top of the epidermis; so that the laser can penetrate the skin layers.

As soon as the device is turned on, the laser pulses begin to mask the places with scars and thin lines, as a result of the thermal effect produced by the device.

Some pain or tingling can be felt during the procedure, but it quickly goes away after the end of the session, which lasts a maximum of up to 45 minutes.

Fractional laser side effects

Review] I had CO2 Fractional Laser and here is my honest review. : r/SkincareAddiction

Despite the many benefits that the device gives to its users, the side effects of Fractional Laser are still an obstacle for some to use, which vary from person to person, according to his health condition, skin type, and the competence of the Attending Physician, which may cause many damages due to his inexperience and inability to deal with such a technique, the damage of fractional laser is as follows:

There is some swelling and redness in the area to be treated, but these symptoms soon disappear within two weeks.

Infection with some wounds in the outer layer of the skin, which soon disappear by taking certain medications suitable for such a symptom.

The possibility of infection as a result of wounds and infections resulting from the use of fractional laser.

The need to conduct several treatment sessions, which is considered an expensive thing for some.

Getting some burns, as a result of using a temperature that is not suitable for the skin type.

Stimulation of cold sores, and it is precisely this damage that requires the patient to disclose his medical history with ulcers before conducting fractional laser sessions.

Skin irritation, constant itching and puffiness, which soon disappears with the intake of painkillers and appropriate medical drugs.

Post-fractional laser work

Co2-fraxel | Aesthetic Center Bismarck, Minot, Dickinson ND

Skin care or the place that has been treated after fractional laser is important, and no less important is the choice of the attending physician or specialized medical center, in order to achieve the best possible results, and to ensure the continued success of the procedure in the long term, in light of this, we offer a set of tips and guidelines:

Use ice in areas that have undergone laser, for up to 10 minutes every 5 or 6 hours daily.

Refrain from using perfumes and various cosmetics; to prevent skin irritation.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure and, if necessary, should wear sunglasses or appropriate face protection.

Do not use hot water, especially in areas that have undergone laser treatment.

Avoid extreme sports activities and strenuous daily tasks during the 48 hours after this procedure to prevent sweating, which may cause infection with harmful bacteria and fungi.

Prevent wearing contact lenses only after the removal of eye swelling.

Avoid contact with the skin by hand, in order to preserve the skin cells from contamination and the transmission of germs.

Thoroughly clean the skin with lukewarm water, taking care to gently and gently touch it.

If the pain, swelling or itching intensifies a few days after the procedure, the attending physician can be contacted to discuss the possibility of taking some painkillers.

Take a recovery period for at least a week, providing as calm an atmosphere as possible for rest.

Adhere to all the doctor’s instructions, knowing that damaging them can lead to a lot of serious complications.

Fractional laser price for face

It is difficult to determine the price of fractional laser for the face, due to the control of many factors in it, which we can consider as the ingredients for the success of the procedure in the basis, and they also vary from place to place, as well as according to some changing circumstances, such as the patient’s condition and the nature of the problem he suffers, in addition to the age of the doctor, and other factors that make fractional laser price is difficult to determine.

Success factors of fractional laser procedure

The success factors of fractional laser procedure are mostly dependent on the patient’s own choices, which consist in choosing the Attending Physician, choosing the best place to perform fractional laser in Egypt, which is considered one of the most important factors influencing the success of the procedure, in addition to the patient’s ability to adhere to preventive advice and instructions, and we learn about these factors in some detail in the following:

1-choosing the ideal doctor

The Attending Physician Bears on himself a large percentage of the success of the procedure, therefore, it is necessary to rely on a specialized doctor, who has long medical experience and practice that makes him qualified to deal with various fractional laser devices, in addition to treating all the problems facing the patient, not only at the face or skin level, but also in the knees or bikini line and others.

2-Choosing the best fractional laser place in Egypt

Choosing the best place to operate fractional laser in Egypt is no less than choosing the Attending Physician, this is of course in the case of relying on a doctor who does not belong to a particular Medical Center, but it is always recommended to deal with specialized centers, due to the availability of modern devices, equipment and technologies, which contribute to achieving ideal results, as is the case at novilage Medical Center.

3-adherence to preventive instructions

Before undergoing this procedure, the patient should be honest with himself about the extent to which he will be able to follow the instructions to which he will be obliged, especially with regard to taking certain medications, changing daily lifestyle for some time, as well as abandoning some habits that harm the results of this procedure.

Fractional Laser Clinics

Fractional CO2 Laser | Medical Aesthetics

Searching for fractional laser clinics in Egypt is one of the steps that many patients are interested in, due to the availability of a lot of non-good medical centers, and their widespread spread, so the mistake of choosing a medical center may cost the patient a lot.

For this reason, we recommend that you contact the best fractional laser treatment center, novilage Medical Center, for many reasons, the most important of which are:

The availability of medical staff with long experience, who possess all the standards and components that ensure the provision of the best care and treatment services.

To keep abreast of the developments that constantly appear on the medical scene, and the interest of the center’s doctors in attending various medical seminars and discussions, in order to learn about everything new in the field of skin diseases treatment in general, and the possibility of using and developing fractional laser in particular.

The presence of modern medical devices and high-quality technologies, which comply with World Health Standards

Commitment to the application of safety and security standards, in terms of spacing between patients and doctors each other.

Novilage Medical Center is located in the heart of the city, which is easy to reach from anywhere.

Fractional Laser offers are the most important feature of novilage Medical Center, as it offers a range of facilities that help many financially distressed people to perform this procedure, and more details can be found by contacting the Medical Center directly, or by visiting the center’s website.

Fractional laser for the face before and after

The results of fractional laser for the face before and after begin to appear gradually, within a period of one to two months, the number of lines and wrinkles on the face decreases, as a result of the activation of collagen and the production of new skin cells, giving the face a brighter and shinier appearance.

The results of the CO2 fractional laser before and after the procedure can also be seen in the extent to which the dark skin color changes, which goes back to the past, to match the details of the face, and to form a youthful harmonious appearance, recalling the vitality and activity that the face was in the past.

Of course, the duration that the face needs to recover varies from patient to patient, according to the problem he suffered, and the number of sessions he underwent, and therefore it is not permissible to judge the failure of fractional laser results before and after as a result of the difference in results between a different number of pathological conditions, especially since this is also subject to some factors that we have already talked about earlier.

As for the possibility of continuing the results for a long time, this depends on the age factor and the patient’s ability to adhere to the instructions of the Attending Physician, in addition to paying attention to periodic follow-up, and being careful to keep the doctor informed of all the changes and developments that are constantly occurring.

My experience with fractional laser co2

One of the women recounts her experience with this procedure, saying, “my experience with fractional CO2 laser, novilage Medical Center was able to help me get rid of the signs of aging and wrinkles that are strikingly visible in several months, it is considered one of the magic solutions that rarely affect this kind of problems, especially after I used a lot of cosmetics, skin care, medicines and various treatments, which did not bear fruit in the end”.

Summing up the above, fractional laser is considered one of the dazzling medical inventions in the modern era, as medical scientists were able to develop the use of laser, and discover its ability to achieve amazing therapeutic results, made many patients gasp about the medical procedures performed by it, because of the results he was able to achieve in the treatment of many different skin problems.

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