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What is the gift card ?

A points card that you can use in any branch of Nouvelage Clinics, you get from 1% to 10% of the price of your session according to each service and its policy.

How can I get the gift card ?

Subscribe to the Nouvelage news letter on the website and get your card from any of our branches.

When do I receive the points ?

The moment you subscribe to our newsletter you immediately get your free 100 points, or when you register your email in the branch, and you submit the survey then you get free 100 points.

How can I increase my points ?

Using our services will add from 1% to 10% of the session according to the policy of each service as points in your card.

How do I calculate my points ?

Every point you get 1 Pound, which means if you have 100 points you have 100 EGP.

When do the points expire ?

The points are valid for one year, within you can use them in any of our branches.

Can I use the gift card the same day i receive it ?

No, the card can be used in the next visit after you receive it.

Can I present the card to anyone as a gift ?

Yes, You can get the card as a gift to anyone and when they use any service in Nouvelage their points will be added on it.

Can anyone use the points on my card ?

Yes, anyone can use the points but they have to present the card upon their visit to the branch.

Can I refund the points ?

No, Points can only be used through Nouvelage services only.

Can I have more than one card ?

Yes, You can have more that one card and each card’s point balance will be separate.

Can I use two cards in the same visit ?

No, Only one card can be used per visit.

If the points are used all, can i use the gift card again ?

Yes, when you use all your points you can recharge it with the points of the service you do on your old card, and use the points in your next visit.

what if I lost my card ?

You can head to the nearest Nouvelage branch to stop the card’s bar code and get your new gift card with the points balance that you had.


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