Finally, Plastics at NouvelAge!

So there’s always been just one thing missing from NouvelAge, and it’s something you all personally have been asking for.

Yes, it’s PLASTICS.

Without further ado, NouvelAge Clinics is delighted to announce that we are finally opening plastics!

For years now, plastic surgery was the only thing missing at our beloved beauty clinic. We have gotten so many inquiries from our clients over the years, and since nothing matters to us more than your happiness and needs, we’ve decided to make your wishes come true!

For a while now, we’ve been seriously thinking about it, but we didn’t want to launch it till we knew that it was fully and entirely whole. We needed an expert, someone who we could truly entrust with our dear customers, because one thing we pride ourselves in is our top notch services, and that is one thing we will never take lightly.

So, we are proud to announce, that Dr. Ahmed Said himself, will be leading our Plastic Surgery sector at Nouvelage. There is nobody out there who is more perfect for the job!

Dr. Ahmed is an artist, and you are all masterpieces, and should be treated accordingly.

So call now, and book your appointment!


Our services include:

          Stretch Tightness
          Body Contouring
          Breast Reduction/Enlargement
          Brazilian Butt Lift
          Tummy Tuck
          Face Lift


We will be waiting!
Still the same Nouvelage, but totally new and improved!

Our plastics will be waiting for you!


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