Dermapen for face before and after .. Say goodbye to wrinkles and signs of aging

December 26, 2022 Gaber

“Time is inexorable” is one of the famous phrases that many repeat as soon as wrinkles and signs of aging appear in the mirror, but they always overlook the existence of a solution called Dermapen, which will bring a lot of changes and repairs in facial lines, wrinkles and signs of aging, if you are suffering from this problem, we offer you the solution in the lines of the following article.

What is a dermapen ?

It is a small device for the treatment of various dermatological problems, getting rid of the manifestations of aging, facial lines, wrinkles, scars, acne, and other problems affecting the overall appearance of the patient.

Derma Pen is an English word derived into two syllables, namely Derma meaning skin, and pen meaning Pen, which is clearly evident in The Shape of the device, it is a small pen with fine thin needles, which works to treat facial problems gently and gently, tighten the face and skin and reduce the manifestations of aging, for smoother skin and a fresh and attractive look.

Now Dermapen has become an effective treatment for acne, scars and signs of aging, as experiments conducted on many patients have proven its effectiveness and strong effect, making it the first choice by surgeons of various cosmetic operations, instead of relying on traditional surgical procedures, which cause a lot of harmful side effects.

dermapen before and after


What is a dermapen session ?

The dermapen sessions are a set of medical interviews, with the aim of undergoing procedures to treat various skin problems, represented by wrinkles, lines, aging manifestations and acne, which require some equipment, which we will explain in what is coming.

The benefits of Dermapen

Other than the ability of Derma bin to remove wrinkles, facial lines and the effects of aging, it has many features that make it the first choice for many patients as well as cosmetic doctors, and these features are as follows:

Reduce surface wrinkles.
Reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
A safe and effective way to reduce scars.
Tighten the skin, give it the necessary strength and freshness.
Reduce pores.
Short recovery period, compared to different means of treatment.
Improve skin texture.
Stimulating hair growth is a treatment for alopecia problems, due to its ability to activate the cells responsible for the production of collagen.
Not to harm the skin, and help new cells to grow safely and healthy.
Get rid of damaged and dead cells, replace with new ones that are able to whiten the face and improve its appearance.


What problems does Dermapen treat ?

Many people who suffer from skin problems need a derma Ben Skin session; to get the best results and enjoy smooth and beautiful skin, perhaps the most prominent problems that Derma Ben treats in detail are the following:


One of the skin problems that both sexes suffer from starting from adolescence, which is a set of pills that begin to spread in the face; they give an unacceptable appearance on a personal or social level, And Here Comes the role of Derma bin for the skin to get rid of these pills, as it takes two sessions at most, in which the device helps the skin cells to produce new cells, more strong, hard and soft, to replace the cells that cause acne.

dermapen before and after

2-Dark Circles

These are black lines that appear in the lower eye area, which is one of the problems that particularly haunts women, and derma bin for dark circles works to stimulate the production of collagen in this area, strengthen the skin and make it thicker and stronger than before, which helps reduce dark circles, in addition to improving and activating blood circulation in this area; to prevent the appearance of circles again.

3-treatment of dull skin

Many of them suffer from dull and weak skin, which causes the appearance of a lot of grains and small scars on the face, which gives negative reactions to them, but sunun Derma bin for the face stimulates the production of collagen, and compensates the face with new cells.

4-hair loss

Many hair follicles are damaged, and with age, the ability of the scalp to produce new follicles begins to weaken, which requires a set of Derma bin sessions for hair, to activate blood circulation in the scalp, and the production of collagen, which helps the scalp to produce new follicles, characterized by strength, density and health.

5-stretch marks

It is a set of signs that appear as a result of stretching the skin, they are more like the sagging that commonly appears in the abdominal area, which often requires some surgical procedures to get rid of.

As for facial stretch marks, they can be easily removed by the derma bin device, as it works to produce elastin, which is similar to collagen, and stimulate new cells to grow, replacing harmful and damaged cells, and filling the spaces between these marks; for a more elastic and beautiful skin.

dermapen before and after

Who is the ideal candidate for dermapen Sessions ?

Derma bin injection is one of the newly popular medical solutions, it is a minor treatment that is suitable for many patients, but it is required that they are healthy and do not suffer from serious diseases, such as cancerous tumors and heart diseases, in addition to those who take some medications, which should be discussed in detail with the Attending Physician to take the necessary preventive measures before undergoing Derma bin facial sessions.

It is recommended that pregnant women not undergo Derma bin sessions, as this procedure is preferably taken after childbirth, although there are no serious side effects of the device’s needles, it is preferable not to do this procedure during pregnancy, with the need to adhere to the instructions of the attending physician, especially with the appearance of some minor bruises and redness in the face area.

How to prepare for dermabin Sessions ?

The first steps of relying on the derma bin device begin with a set of necessary preparations and equipment, which greatly affect the success of this procedure and the achievement of the desired results, and these preparations are as follows:

Looking for a specialized center in the treatment of wrinkles, acne and scars by the derma bin device, and there is no better in Egypt than the novelage Center, which we learn about in detail in later lines.
Prepare and prepare well for an interview with the Attending Physician, talk about the problems that the patient would like to get rid of, as well as the medications he is used to taking, and his diet.


dermapen before and after


Before undergoing Derma bin sessions, the attending physician advises the patient to stop taking certain medications, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, which is used in the treatment of acne, in addition to taking certain doses of certain medications, such as high blood pressure and diabetes medications, according to the doctor’s instructions.
Refrain from using cosmetic substances that increase the sensitivity of the skin.

The mechanism of action of the dermapen device

Novelage Medical Center relies on the derma bin plasma device to reduce the manifestations of aging, scars, treat acne and other skin problems, by making small holes in the face by the device, and these holes help in the absorption of nutrients necessary to strengthen the skin layers, which results from stimulating skin cells to produce collagen.

The attending physician uses a derma pen consisting of 12 needles vertically, as he begins to take the appropriate position for the procedure, then turns on the device, to begin to penetrate the layers of the skin causing small holes, relying on moving the device in the area to be treated.

The most important feature of Derma bin is its effective method of treating facial problems, which is superior in stages to traditional acupuncture methods, which are primarily aimed at making incisions in the face, without taking into account any pain that the patient may feel, but the derma bin facial session contributes to the patient not feeling any pain, but stimulates collagen and elastin in treating these incisions, filling them with the nutrients they need.

The derma bin sessions for pills and treatment of facial problems take approximately 30 minutes, during which the Attending Physician anesthetizes the face with local anesthesia using an anesthetic cream, which makes the patient lose his skin sensation, and facilitates the task of the Attending Physician to finish the procedure quickly.

dermapen before and after

Side effects of Dermapen Sessions

Like many other cosmetic procedures and Sessions, the patient feels some negative effects, which quickly disappear over time, and follow all the instructions recommended by the Attending Physician at the novelage Medical Center, and these negative effects boil down to the following:

A little pain after the anesthetic cream wears off.
Some discomfort in the areas that have been pricked by the derma bin device.
Some bruises and minor redness.

Damage to the dermapen

Derma bin sessions can cause a range of damage and health problems to the patient, the main cause of which is the weakness of the Medical Center or the attending physician, and his lack of methods of using the device carefully, and the damage of Derma bin to the skin is as follows:

The likelihood of developing long-term side effects, related to damage to some tissues of the epidermis.
The development of bleeding, itching and constant peeling of the skin, due to the wrong use of the device, which necessitates taking some additional measures to get rid of them.
Having enlarged lymph nodes, infection, ulcers, dark and light spots, due to the use of some poorly made cosmetic substances, which cause skin irritation and redness, especially for sensitive skin.
In some cases, the results of Derma bin Sessions may take some time, in addition to the possibility of doing some additional steps and procedures to reach the desired result.

Skin care tips dermapen before and after Sessions

dermapen before and after


The device is not only intended for the treatment of the face and skin problems, but you can rely on Derma bin for the lips as well, and get rid of the dryness and peeling problems that affect them, and whatever the purpose of using the device, you should get acquainted with some tips and preventive measures that help to get the expected results, these tips are as follows:

Do not be exposed directly to the sun’s rays, the pores are still open and prone to any damage, and if necessary, you can wear a face shield or large sunglasses, so that they cover as much of the face as possible.
Use skin care products of known origin, avoid using poorly made products, and among the most prominent products that can be used are those containing alpha-hydroxy acids and retinol.
Be careful not to exert any effort after the procedure for a period of about two weeks; to prevent sweating, which may affect the skin with allergies and irritation.
Keep the skin of the epidermis as moist as possible.
Make sure to follow up periodically with the Attending Physician at novelage Medical Center, and be sure to communicate with him immediately after the appearance of any symptoms or skin problems.
Follow a healthy diet rich in fiber, due to its ability to prevent constipation, which in turn may lead to increased skin problems.

During this period, the patient should not make a quick decision to return to work and normal daily tasks before taking the permission of the Attending Physician.

The best Dermapen device

Derma bin devices vary depending on the type of Use, and often some may wonder about the best types that can be used at home, and although it is preferable to resort to a specialized medical center, some may be looking for quick solutions to skin problems at the lowest cost, and the best types of Derma bin devices stand out in the following:

1 – Dermabin ULTIMA A6S

dermapen before and after

It is considered one of the best Derma bin devices for beginners and professionals, as it is easy to get and use, because there is more than one speed level, all the user has to do is set the appropriate speed, and start moving it directly to the place to be treated.

The most important feature of the device is its ability to tighten pores, give the face the necessary smoothness and freshness, as well as promote skin growth, get rid of pigmentation problems and facial lines.

2 – Dermabin ULTIMA A1

This device is often used in various skin care centers, as it features a lot of techniques and technology that facilitates the tasks of its holder, as it includes several speeds of vibration, in addition to the variety of tooth sizes, which reach 2.5 mm, and there are types of needles intended for sensitive areas of the face, such as the area under the eyes and around the lips, and larger needles for the treatment of wrinkles, wide pores and aging lines.

The device is characterized by its ability to relieve sagging skin, reduce wrinkles and deep lines, and reduce hair loss by stimulating the production of collagen, in addition to giving it the strength and shine necessary for the skin.

3 – Dermabin ULTIMA N2

The device helps to get rid of acne problems specifically, eliminate scars and signs of aging by stimulating cells to produce collagen and elastin, and it can also be used in many areas of the body other than the face, such as thighs, buttocks, abdomen and neck.
The Derma Pen ULTIMA N2 supports a built-in battery, a display showing the battery level, the main advantages of which are to improve the skin level in a few days, in addition to not causing any side effects, in addition to the availability of a lot of sterile needles suitable for personal use.

dermapen before and after

The price of Dermabin in Egypt

The price of the derma bin device varies according to the use, despite the similarity of the result obtained by the user or patient, the factors of the country of origin and some additional features may play a decisive role in determining its price, but despite the difference in prices between Derma bin products for pores, facial and skin problems, it is one of the best modern medical mandates in the treatment of skin defects.

Warnings before undergoing a derma bin device

After settling on using the derma bin device to treat various facial and skin problems, care should be taken towards dealing with several parties, whether it is the same device, or different medical centers, through the following:

1-talking about the medical history

The patient should talk in detail about his medical history, explain the smallest details about the diseases he suffers from or the medications he is used to taking.this applies to the side effects related to anesthesia. if the patient’s skin is sensitive, local anesthesia may cause a lot of skin problems.
In addition to stopping blood-thinning medications, if the patient suffers from disorders or excessive sensitivity of the skin, he should mention it to the Attending Physician; to take the ideal measures towards this problem.

2-search for the cleanest and most sterile medical centers

One of the tasks that falls on the patient is to search for the best medical centers that adopt the utmost hygiene and sterilization, and ask how to use acupuncture needles after each Derma bin session, some may use Derma bin teeth for many patients, which causes infections and various skin diseases.

3-Find the best skin care methods

After finishing the derma bin sessions, the patient should ask about the skin care routine, how it can be preserved from allergy problems, sweating and sunlight, in addition to knowing the best cosmetic tools and moisturizers suitable for this stage.

Dermapen session price

The cost depends on the type of Use and the area to be treated, as well as the location and the reputation of the Attending Physician, which plays a key role in determining the price of the treatment sessions, but we recommend that you go to the novelage Medical Center immediately, because it has several advantages, we explain in the following lines.

Why novelage Medical Center ?

Nouvelage Medical Center has gained a great reputation in the medical and plastic surgery circles, because it has advantages that are difficult to be available at another medical center, and the most important of these advantages are the following:
Having a medical staff at a high level of professionalism and competence, he has the ability to perform the most complex plastic surgeries and therapeutic sessions.

The center uses the latest and best medical devices and technologies that comply with international health standards.
Offering competitive prices regarding Derma bin Sessions, whether it is for the treatment of facial, lip or other problems.
The location of the novelage Medical Center of excellence, which is easily accessible from anywhere, as it is located in the heart of the capital in Nasr City specifically.

Applying all safety and security standards, in addition to raising the level of Hygiene and sterilization at the center to the highest levels; to prevent infection.

Dermapen for face before and after

The previous results of various medical centers are one of the most prominent questions that many patients are looking for an answer to, and novelage Medical Center relies on showing some of the previous and distinctive results of Derma bin patients before and after undergoing this procedure, so that the patient feels satisfied on the one hand, and on the other hand comparing the mental image he is looking for with what he can actually get.

Derma Ben my experience

One of the subjects of the derma bin sessions by the novelage Medical Center narrates his experience, which he describes as an ideal and unique experience, as he was able to get fresh and smooth skin, devoid of all the problems he suffered from for long periods, perhaps the most prominent of which was acne and the appearance of some lines and minor scars on the face.
The patient went on to say, ” I have always felt ashamed as a result of having acne, which is one of the most common problems that has lost my self-confidence and made me an individual who is not at the level required for social acceptance, which prompted me to search in various ways for the best ways to treat this problem, and with resorting to more than one dermatologist, all my attempts failed.

He continued, ” the novelage clinics were the last outlet for me, as I immediately went to solve the problem, and I started the journey of undergoing Derma bin sessions, which started by talking about whether I had health problems, or I used to take some medications. After almost two weeks of this procedure, I felt a lot better, and the problem of acne began to disappear little by little, until my face returned to normal, “she said.

In the end, it is now possible to get rid of the signs of aging easily, restore the luster and shine of the face and return to its former self, through the group of Derma bin sessions at the novelty medical clinic, which always strives to provide the best services and medical care to its patients, ensuring the fulfillment of their various desires and hopes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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