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Surgical procedures have now become the best for many to treat skin problems, instead of using alternative methods and waiting for a lot of time in vain, which explains the increased search for the price of botox injections in Egypt, as it is the most popular and most effective means used in plastic surgery, and in the following lines we learn about What is Botox, its benefits, and how to perform the injection, in addition to its uses and prices.

What is botox?

“What is Botox?” Botox is one of the medical treatments that were used in the late eighties of the last century, with the aim of getting rid of wrinkles, facial lines, and attack lines on the forehead, in addition to treating the effects of aging on the eyes, eyebrows, chin, front neck, and other different places.


Botox is a protein substance, similar to acetylcholine, that contributes to the transmission of nerve signals to muscles. Botox works mainly to prevent muscle contractions, which negatively affect facial expressions, which leads to reducing wrinkles and the effects of aging.


In addition to the above, Botox injections help treat blepharospasm, or what is known as involuntary narrowing of the eyelids, which is what made the US Food and Drug Administration allow its use as a cosmetic medical method, but in certain proportions and small amounts, in specific areas and places in the body; To help him relax and control the muscles.

Can My Dentist Administer Cosmetic and Dermal Fillers?

Botox benefits

Botox gives many benefits and advantages, especially to the elderly, which explains the high search for the price of botox injections in Egypt. The benefits of Botox are as follows:

  • Getting rid of wrinkles and lines in the corners of the face.
  • Reducing forehead wrinkles, in addition to eliminating frown lines.
  • Improve the appearance of the eyes and forehead.
  • Getting rid of excessive sweating and migraine.

Botox and fillers


Botox and Filler are among the most popular treatment methods that help restore the face’s youth and freshness again, but there are many differences between Botox Filler, which may make many confused about the appropriate method for them to get rid of facial wrinkles, and in the following lines we review the difference between them, This is as follows:


1- Ingredients

Filler contains collagen and hyaluronic acid, the first is responsible for the growth of new cells and stimulating old ones, and the second is linked to water molecules in the body, which gives the face an attractive youthful appearance, while Botox is a component of the toxic substance botulinum, which helps in muscle relaxation. It is worth noting that the use of Botox in large quantities endangers the patient’s life, so it is used in very accurate and calculated quantities.


2- Purposes of use

Filler is used to increase the size of some areas of the face, such as the lips, in addition to improving the appearance of the nose, getting rid of some scars, and filling in the clear voids in the face, while Botox is used to get rid of facial wrinkles and eyebrows, in addition to getting rid of excessive sweating under the armpits.


3- Continuity of results

The effect of Botox and fillers begins within 3 to 10 days of the injection procedure, but the difference between them remains in the continuity of the results. The substance used in the injection, in addition to the extent to which the patient adheres to the instructions of the attending physician.


4- Cost

The difference between the price of a filler injection and the price of a botox injection in Egypt is not large, especially since both procedures do not take more than 30 minutes. Among the factors that determine the cost of filler or botox is the material used in the injection, in addition to some other factors that we will talk about later.

Botox injection sites

The Secret to Stunning: Enhancing Your Natural Beauty with Botox and Fillers

There are many places for Botox injections, as injections include the face, neck, underarms and other areas, and we are now reviewing in detail how to inject Botox. It is worth noting that injection sites are one of the factors that contribute to determining the price of a botox injection in Egypt, as follows:

Facial Botox

Facial Botox injections include the nose, eyes, and chin. Botox is used to lift the nose, and to correct the deviated areas of it using a filler, especially the ends, whose defects appear specifically when the patient laughs hard. Botox can also be used to adjust the upper part of the nose, and get rid of the longitudinal lines in that area.


As for the eyes, Botox injections are used to get rid of wrinkles and lines around them. In addition, botulinum is used to get rid of eye twitching and improve visual disturbances that some people suffer from. Moreover, many recent medical studies and researches have the ability to Botox is used to treat strabismus in children as well as in adults.


With regard to the chin, Botox contributes to relaxing the muscles of the chin, and reducing its size, which contributes to obtaining a sharp chin, in addition to tightening the area above the lips, in addition to adjusting the angles of the lips, which suffer from some defects and problems.

Eyebrow Botox

Some lines appear between the eyebrows, which are called frown lines, and this name came due to the patient’s shape, which appears larger than it is, and it also appears somewhat difficult. Botox is used to treat this area, and to get rid of these lines, even if they are deeper, Filler and Botox can be used together.

Forehead Botox

The forehead is the most vulnerable place for the appearance of broad lines and wrinkles, which explains the high price of botox injections in Egypt for the treatment of the forehead specifically. When using forehead botox, the attending physician takes into account the condition of the forehead and eyelids, and sometimes, he may have to raise the brow; To get rid of forehead wrinkles.

Lip Botox

The lips are considered the secret of a woman’s beauty, so Botox was used to improve her appearance, and to get rid of all the defects and problems she suffers from. Through Botox injections, it is possible to inflate the lips, fill some of the voids in that area, and give them a distinctive appearance, through the injection of a thin needle. Apply to the lip muscles more than once, to get a perfect result.

Hair Botox

Botox treats many hair problems, such as continuous loss, general weakness, and frizz, as it works to renew the scalp cells, which gives them vitality and activity, due to the growth of many follicles that enjoy strength and softness. For a more than wonderful look

Armpit Botox

One of the areas that also determines the price of a botox injection in Egypt, as it is considered one of the areas that cause the most unpleasant odor of sweat, which may result in many skin diseases. Botox reduces the functioning of the thyroid glands, which causes excessive sweating in some people. It is worth noting that this procedure takes at least 60 minutes, and the injection process precedes giving the patient a local anesthetic. To prevent feeling any discomfort during the injection, after which the patient can get rid of the bad smell of sweat for a period of up to 9 whole months.

Botox capsule

Botox capsules are some strong-acting pills and tablets that contain Botox, which helps lighten the skin, treat wrinkles and facial lines, in addition to containing some important vitamins and herbs for the skin, but despite the above, the cost of Botox capsules is higher than the price of Botox injection in Egypt is about 5,000 pounds.

Botox injection price in Egypt


"Age-Defying Elegance: How Botox and Fillers Turn Back the Clock


The price of a botox injection in Egypt is determined according to many factors, perhaps the most important of which is the experience of the attending physician, and his ability to deal with all medical conditions with their various problems, which is what is found in the Novelage Medical Center, compared to other medical centers.


In addition, the price of Botox and its multiple sessions are determined according to the area that the patient wants to treat, the type of Botox used, in addition to calculating the costs of treatment and the recovery period, which of course increases the total cost of treatment in general.


Despite this, the price of a botox injection in Egypt is suitable for many patients of all levels, regardless of the great aesthetic and psychological benefit or importance it gives them, and the price of the procedure can be set at 2000 pounds as a minimum, and 10,000 pounds as a maximum.

Botox injection price in saudi arabia

The price of a botox injection in Saudi Arabia is completely different from the price of a botox injection in Egypt, due to the different level of equipment within medical centers, as well as the competence and experience of doctors, whose experience and professional experience exceed many years. The price of botox to treat facial wrinkles and frown lines in Saudi Arabia ranges between 300 and 700 Saudi riyals.

Rediscovering Youth: The Art of Botox and Fillers for Timeless Beauty

Finally, after knowing the price of a botox injection in Egypt, the last step remains to visit the Novelage Medical Center,and conduct Some medical examinations that precede the injection process, and restore the luster of youth again.

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